VesTheme Control Panel is the module on Magento Theme

2014-11-02 19:22:12 Writen By: Thanh Thanh

VesTheme Control Panel is the module on Magento Theme. That is a the most important module to control your theme. It can help you customize,configure your theme very easily and flexiblely, you can make a new nices theme as expected in very short time. In this blog post, we would like to guide you how to configure VesTheme Control Panel In Opencart Shop. We will use Pav Foodstore Opencart theme - a great responsive Magento theme provided by Venustheme like example.

When installation is complate :

Go to General Tab

The general tab allows you to configure the skin theme, copyright,enable some configurations


1. Skin Setting

Select a skin that you want the current style applies. Each skin goes with one style.

2. Copyright

Pavo Themes allows you to select your copyright when you purchase our theme with developer version. Choose yes on Enable Custom Copyright. Filling informations you want in textbox


3. Some configure

  • Enable Off-Canvas Siderbars: This option is applied for collapse menu in small screen like ipad or mobile. This setting is shown in the above section (OffCanvas Siderbars)
  • Enable Footer Center: This option is applied Footer Center in the bottom section
  • Enable Panel Tool: This option is applied Panel Tool. This setting is shown only in full screen.
  • Enable Ajax Cart :  Choose yes or no.
  • Enable Quick View : Set enable quickview of product or note.
  • Enable Swap Image: Set enable swap image of productsby choose yes.
  • Header : Set header scrolling when you scroll your site

4. Template Layout Setting

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